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 So why is it called Peacefrog???

Originally, Peace Frog was a Bulletin Board system (BBS) back in the 80's and 90's. If you know what that means I like you already. The focus was on community building, social justice and environmental awareness. As the web grew and BBS's went the way of the dinosaurs, Kevin and I had children and jobs that took all our attention. Kevin working as a programmer/IT super genius and myself as a environmental educator/naturalist/homebirth midwife/mom/teacher.

The BBS has been missed. It was always a place to share ideas, discoveries and gain support. While I have a great local community and a great online community my hope is that this site can be a small corner of the net where the two communities connect. 


The Sustainable Education Center

The goal of the Sustainable Education Center is to provide educational opportunities for children and adults that encourage lifelong learning, ecoliteracy, and place-based and systems thinking models.  We strive to be a supportive learning community that thinks deeply and complexly.

Suburban Permaculture and Sustainability Study Group
Homeschool Classes for ages 5-8
Homesteading Workshops
Environmental Education for Children and Adults
Practical and Social Permaculture Principles
Experiential Education
Systems Thinking
Ecological Literacy
Learning through art  & movement
Thinking deeply and complexly

Now Available:
Women Are Strong: A Midwife's Birth Stories
by Beth Anne Moonstone
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